Imagine if the challenges of debt recovery
— all those critical tasks, time-sensitive documents, and diverse vested interests —
were not par for the course.

Imagine if we could erase all the chasing, the legwork, the hardcopy papers, and the bottlenecks from the process of debt recovery.

Debt recovery is our business. We get it. We understand what’s at stake.
We looked to connective networks, shared workspaces, and data vaults and we knew:
we could all work together in a way that’s so much better.

L2 Reduces Time Spent On Each File By Up To 60%

Welcome to L2

The all-in-one workspace for lenders and their lawyers designed to make the debt recovery process better.

Every time a financial institution lends money, it takes a risk. Most of the time, people repay on schedule and all is well. The system works. But sometimes, loans default — and the flurry of activity that follows is intricate, complex, and time-sensitive.

Recovering debt is a many-steps, many-partners endeavour — and to reduce risk, everyone has to act fast.

Time + Cost Savings

Process more files in less time

Collaborate, Record, Store and Manage

Everything you need to work smarter


Data that is secure, always


Verified trackable accountability

Risk Reduction

Greater control over time, money and reputation